Young carers

Children and young people who look after a parent or relative who is ill, physically or mentally disabled, drug dependant or an alcoholic are known as young carers. The full extent of young caring in the UK is hard to gauge as many young carers go unidentified and some are fearful of intrusion or unwelcome intervention into family life.  Young carers may be particularly vulnerable as they may not be receiving the level or quality of parenting that would normally be expected due to the limited capacities of their own carer; and may be spending a considerable period of their time caring, leaving limited time and energy for other activities. 

Young carers tools and guidance

Adolescent Wellbeing Scale (originally developed by the Department of Health)

MACA (Multi-dimensional Assessment of Caring Activities) and PANOC (Positive And Negative Outcomes of Caring) scales

Counselling Referral for Young Carers (this is specific to one Oxfordshire counsellor but the range of questions is of more general applicability)